Kater, Composers of the Nazi Era: Reading Assignments

Check below to see who is reading which chapter in Michael Kater’s book Composers of the Nazi Era:

Chapter 1: Werner Egk, The Enigmatic Opportunist: Mason Secreti

Chapter 2: Paul Hindemith, The Reluctant Emigré: Callie Yowler

Chapter 3: Kurt Weill, A Survivor on Two Continents: Sydney Kightlinger

Chapter 4: Karl Amadeus Hartmann, The Composer as Dissident: Kate Sullivan

Chapter 5: Carl Orff, Man of Legend: Kailee Havrda

Chapter 6: Hans Pfitzner, Magister Teutonicus Miser: Marissa Whitby

Chapter 7: Arnold Schoenberg, Musician of Contrasts: Amanda Fitzpatrick

Chapter 8: Richard Strauss, Jupiter Compromised: Abbie Abraham